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Me you and thomas


Although Me, You and Thomas implies there a three people present in the band, this is no the case, as there is only two. With Rhianna Berarey – Vocals/Guitar/Piano Joe Sherrin – Drums, they have created sound that really shouldn’t be possible by two people, but they have and it’s impressive. Hailing from Bristol the duo have already released their debut single ‘Blue Tin’, which is beautiful song so please check that out here, and since then they have gained recognition from more and more people, however I believe they deserve much more for their achievements in ‘Eventually’.


Creating a song with just two people is something quite impressive on it’s own but to create a piece of music deserves an award or something, at the very least a round of applause or a ‘well done nod’ from you, the reader. First of all the video is something to appreciate even on mute, because it’s something I could only dream of producing and I’ve take TV modules, on to the music. The song has a distinct lo-fi sound that is much adored by myself, because it feels rough around the edges making the music that bit more raw. With punky undertones in the guitar-riff ,the excelling obscure vocals provided by Rhianna and an embossed drum beat from Joe, the song just takes care of itself because these elements are purely untouchable throughout the song. As it breaks in to the chorus the energy is present and thundering, giving me visions of large crowds tumbling over each other and trowing themselves about every time the chorus comes around and Rhianna is distributing those unique vocals of hers.

I can’t help but love this song, because every aspect is something to be adored, as it showcases everything an unsigned band should, lo-fi, DIY, rough and raw sound with an attitude literally coming out of the song.






Words by Alex Wise

@wordsformusic1 or @al4563

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