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Hailing from the Midland, Decibels are an electronic art-pop outfit that are prepared to play with your mind with their sounds. They describe their music as a blissful mix of lo-fi, ambient, electro and Indie, which is probably the best way to put it considering the amount of genres they seem to be crossing. They initially started out at as a band that supplied remixes to other artists, however the more they did this the more material they started to create, and more people getting interested from bloggers to BBC Introducing. Then they had to commit to doing something that every musician hates, selling their gear, so they could get equipment to play live.

The Band

Stuart Bruce (lead vocals, keys, percussion, looping)

Dave Crawford (synths, programming, sound manipulation)

Anthony Luk (synths, guitar, baritone harmonies)

Marin Luk (synths, soprano harmonies, percussion)

Adam Branaghan (guitar, tenor harmonies, percussion)


A contender for one of the funkiest songs this year, with Alt-J like drum beats and the smoothest vocals, this could easily win this non-existent trophy that I’ve made up. Along with this dance beat that sounds like it’s come out of the 80’s there’s some very subtle guitar work going on in the background, which can be linked to a band that have are trending at the moment called PEACE. This electro/art – pop tune is something that I’d never thought I’d admire, but after the 18th time of listening to it, I’m still not bored, and I’m still singing along with it “You know your breaking my heart”. What makes this song even more so out there and stand alone is the video, it’s a brilliantly put together video which looks like it took time to create, also it features possibly the coolest old guy, next to Forsyth. After a considerable amount of listens, I think I’ve found a new genre and more importantly a new band to keep my eye on, a group of creative people, creating music to break genres.





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