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After forming in  early 2012, this Birmingham four-piece called Bipolar Bears are just emerging on to local music scenes, with debut demo ‘Guilty’ proving a popular crowd pleaser and the band set to release there first EP in the coming months, the band are geared up for a big year. They’re all big fans of Blur and their album ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’, because it’s what this band all share in common, their dissatisfaction with the way things just ‘are’.


The juxtaposition of a band named Bipolar Bears and the heavy word Guilty may seem like an odd combination of playfulness and seriousness which many bands find a hard combination to pull off, not this band though. Bipolar Bears manage to toe the line of indie pop riffs intertwined with lyrics such as ‘We could have secrets and we could even try to keep them but I know, I wouldn’t go a weekend without feeling the deep seated..’ this mix certainly leads to an open ear listening for what tales of guilt will be laid upon the hopping drum beat and dancing bass/guitar riff. All this talk of playfulness and I am yet to mention the video that accompanies the song, this fantastically low budget green screen video does not take anything away from the song, I feel it only helps strengthen the idea of an indie band being all about the music and allowing for more fun and creative ideas to be played with when it comes to the video. In Summary Bipolar Bears do something many bands can only try and Bipolar Bears succeed , So go watch the video and have a listen!

song recorded by Dave McCabe at Muthers, Digbeth
Megalopolis video by Hayes





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