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Crooked Head


This is a first for WFM as this is the first band from Brussels. This indie five piece started out in early 2006 under the name of Nestor! The five years after being together proved to be one of the most important periods of time for the band gaining live experience in renowned venues and festivals (Dour Festival, Nuits du Botanique, etc.). Also with this they compeleted a self – produced EP entitled ‘This is A Party Favor’. After this they went on and released their first album in ‘Canopy’ in 2011, which gained even more peoples attention, now they look to reach even more people by making more music.

‘Crooked Head’

‘Crooked Head’ is one of those songs that seem to go around your head for ages, with it’s acoustic sounding intro it’s hard not to like it. The joint vocals work incredibly well with all of them complementing each others voices, to which you can compare to Mumford and Sons in some parts. With electric parts scattered around it, most notably the part of after the chorus where it gets slightly 80’s with a synth sound, the song proves you cannot pin it down with a number of different influences. To end their set at Reading you could hear a crowd screaming the chorus of this song right back at the band ‘Crooked Head, Crooked Head, Don’t let me down’, it just seems like one of those lines that anyone could sing to. It’s a relatively short song but  contains Arctic Monkey’s like energy with the pace of the song.

This is only one of the songs of their album, so if you want to hear more, why not buy it? I did. BUY





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