The High Commissioners – Studies | Album Review




This album is full of beautifully composed riffs on both the guitar and the bass, accompanied by some magnificent drums and vocals that can only be described as alluring vulnerable vocals. Sitting down and listening to this album was a real treat, knowing that I’m probably one of the first people to have heard, making it all the more special. The consistency throughout is something to appreciate on it’s own, but each song is easily above par, even when compared to the more heavily produced music, this can stand next to it. The opener ‘Sleep when you’re dead’ is a perfect opener for this album with it’s heavy tones and eerie sound it automatically grasps your attention, which it will keep until the end of the album. The song moves through a slow moving groove to a complete blast at the end where this blistering comes in and nearly tearing your ear off. ‘Work out your Demons’ is one of those song titles that grabs attention anyways, but if doesn’t there’s a bass riff to help you decide, by which I mean forcing you to like the song. Having psychedelia tones throughout, ‘Come on through’ is probably the most recognizable one with drawn out vocals that seem to last a life time, the song very much sounds like a very contemporary Who Classic ‘Who are You?’ .

A two part song is always something that raises eyebrows, it’s no different with ‘Soul Council’ Part 1 and 2. A blooming composed song which would make even the most veterans of music water at the mouth like a rabid dog. In both parts it seems you’re floating in a totally different world along with aliens and all other human life that has yet been discovered. A lot of the credit has to go to the guitarist who completed a incandescent piece throughout both parts, it sums up what this band is about in these two songs. You can’t move for reputable solo’s and riffs in this album, one that particularly stands out in my mind is the one that closes ‘The Traveller’ it’s that dramatic and composed it wouldn’t sit out of place in Sgt.Peppers, distinctly in ‘Day In the life’ where it moves to Paul’s part. ‘All day long’ shows their versatility as a band by staring with an acoustic guitar, and moving to a more heavier tone as the song progresses, having a reverb effect on the vocals for this song work well. The closing song ‘Look Down The Spiral’ is the mellowest song on the album, with a slow jangling beat with heavy reverb on the guitar making it sound like your back in that place with the aliens. A perfect way to end an album and an even better way to end a debut album, top marks.

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