Uni Music League Quarter Finals 4 At Borderline

Uni music league

SUNDAY 24/03/13

Time: 7PM

£5 / £6.50 ONTHE DOOR



The Uni Music League is a competition who let the public choose the winners, and whoever the lucky people or person may be will win a great amount of prizes which could prove to be a vital stepping stone in their career. These prizes include an E.P recording deal with the legendary Metropolis studio, a full PR campaign with the established Playground PR, a support slot at one of London’s finest venues and a professional photography shoot. With semi-finals coming ever nearer their shaping up to be quite the even with the 4th Quater finals coming up, on the bill you have…

JACK ROSIES- is a singer/ songwriter who wears his heart on a sleeve and a guitar around his neck… Driven purely by raw emotion, his lyrics are all written in a “no fuss- just facts” kind of way… They’re sung by Jack with gentle conviction and each one of them grabs the public by their hearts time and time again.

JOS– is a rocking bunch of guys who play, live and breathe rock music. Influenced by the good ol’American Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, their quality of songwriting and musicianship are certainly at its best.

RUBIN AND THE GROOVY TUESDAYS- a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist plays the guitar, the cello, sings and writes… Rubin’s songs are filled with acoustic indie grooves and poppy rocky vibes. Be it sun or rain, Rubin and his band are here to save the day.

 THE HIGH COMMISSIONERS– an alternative rock band from both London and Paris unite their Anglo- French influences and create a blend of blues, 60s surf pop sounds topped with soulful musicianship and… Croissants… Just signed to 14th Floor Management, they’re following in the footsteps of Biffy Clyro and Damien Rice, and the world will most definitely hear their name all over the world very, very soon.

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