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Friday Club

 -Before I continue with this post I would just like to apologize to the band for how long this has taken, sorry guys-


This band is very close to home with them coming from Birmingham, a place that isn’t as bad when you visit it. Although they may fall into the Category/Genre of Indie/rock music, they have more of an edge to them, having a slightly more grittier sound with a fuzzy guitar. So they’re a lot more punkier than most indie bands. If you like you’re Libertines, Jam and all that lovely music that we’ve been blessed with, then there’s no doubt that there’s a chance you may fall in love with their music.

Friday club 2

Fall Down Kids’

This is the first taste of what we can expect from Friday Club, and it’s not the same bland taste that leaves a bad smell afterwards, which you get get from a few up and coming Indie bands, this taste is moreish. As soon as the song start you sort of already know in your gut that it’s going to be a good one, because of that intro that rings through your ears and leaves a permanent mark on your brain. After 13 seconds the drums really kick in setting you up for the vocals, which have a very Julian Casablancas touch to them, which really adds to the song . At times you wonder when listening to it if this is what The Strokes would’ve sounded like if they were British, but just with a much more fuzzier guitar lingering in the background, supporting those Casablancas like vocals. It’s hard to write about this song and not mention the riff because of how prominent and  frighteningly catchy it is, there’s signed bands out there that would die for a riff like this, mentioning no names. Even though it’s a live demo, it should be kept like this because the sound is rough around the edges making it that bit more desirable. There’s no doubt that this Punk/garageband sound with a slight bit of indie running through it will make crowds manic however big or small the venue is.

This is first taste of the band, and their EP will be out nest week, so keep your eyes peeled for this. The band will be playing at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham April 13th, so if you can make it down, why not?  Treat yourself.





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