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You could call Paul Freeman a newcomer, however this would be incredibly naive having been in the music industry for 10 years. Coming from Newport in South Wales, he’s accumulated quite a body of work having wrote with James Blunt and Mark Owen. Some of the the ideas that he hatched with Mark Owen, Mark went on to use them for Take That’s album ‘The Circus’. Not are his writing skills something that he should be proud of, but touring with James Blunt, Shania Twain and with Roger Daltry in 2011, who personally picked Paul to tour with him. In 2012 Paul was the support act of Chris Cornell and Chris Isaak during their European tours. After all of this Paul is now finally going to bring out his upcoming debut Album ‘The King of false Alarms’, this is something that should be highly anticipated after all of his previous work.

‘The Girl Who Broke in Two’

This was Paul’s first single, and you can definitely hear connotations of James Blunt and Mark Owen’s songs in it. The song starts with a slow riff that immediately grabs your attention like a child throwing a tantrum, and then Paul’s voice just simmers over it, complementing the guitar work that’s going on. The strongest feature of this song is most definitely the lyrics and the vocals. The lyrics are very deep and heartfelt, as it was written for Paul’s friend who committed suicide. Which also makes the song very real, it doesn’t just seem like something that Paul’s written for the sake of it, it sounds like Paul really took his time perfecting this piece. The vocals throughout the song are flawless, but at the same time you get this sense of pain in the vocals, which can be likened to John Lennon’s in ‘Jealous Guy’. The song is something to be listened to when your just settling down to do something, whether it may be reading a book, having a nap or just simply you want some music on in the background, this song is there for those moments, a beautiful piece. After listening to a number of Paul’s songs it’s only enhanced the anticipation of his debut album for me, if you haven’t listened to some of Paul’s music, it’s something you’re missing out on.




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