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Three lads make this band, one being a hairdresser, another ex-navy sailor and finally a salesman, so they’re not the most predictable of bands with that line up. Coming from the Surry/Hampshire borders, the guys started out in February 2012 with a love for good music which include Biffy Clyro, The Jam and The Cure, but when you listen to their music their screaming influence is The Clash. Since starting out the band have grabbed much attention, which includes Melita Dennett from BBC Introducing who exclaimed their music as ‘Punk rock as it should be’, which is the simplest and best way of summing their music up.

‘Satisfy Me’

After their first release ‘Love, Love, Love’ which you can listen to here I was excited by the pure punkiness throughout it all, because some bands have the tendency to call themselves punk, and they shy away from all the conventions of it, those being, short, sharp,catchy and full of attitude in each song, The Cottonettes are simply not scared of doing those things, and they do it to some degree. ‘Satisfy Me’ encapsulates what it means to be punk in just 2.06. With a chorus that’s sure to make the most hardcore coach potatoes get up and start stamping their feet, and if that fails the short, sweet and tasty guitar solo is odds on favorite to do so. The song is two minutes of punk bliss, it’s sounds like something that has been picked out of the 70’s and has been placed in the modern day.  What makes this song, and Punk as a genre so endearing is the brutal honesty of it, it’s not dressed up in sparkles and glitter because it is what it is, just solid guitar song with simple lyrics, and a catchy chorus, along with it’s rawness.

It’s a song that extenuates even more how punk they are, and it should you leave you eager to hear their next song.

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