The Lunar Pilots – Point of No Return | Album Review

Lunar Pilots


The band The Lunar Pilots are making their way through, and what a way to do it by releasing this album. It’s made up of 5 very different musical minds, those being:

Brien Edwards : Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Paul High : Keys/BV’s
David Elsworth : Lead Guitar
Keith High : Bass/Keys/BV’s
Conor Bailey : Drums

They take their influences from the early 70’s and 80’s, running up to some of today’s best music. They’ve developed and defined their sound which they call the ‘Lunar’ sound, which could be it’s own sound because of how different and ‘out there’ it is. Having a variety of different sounds in there, they’ve been able to create this sound which could only be found on another planet, which suits the album title ‘Point of No Return’.


As soon as the first song drops you are automatically drawn in by this sound just makes your eyes and ears open immediately, not only because of how loud it is, but because it’s a sound you’ve never heard before, please take a listen for yourself just to clarify.

To go with that you have this guitar blaring out complimenting the song perfectly. On this track you get a nice little fuzz as well, which was intended to give the song another take on it. The album slowly drifts into the beautiful sound of ‘Hurry Up and Live’, which probably showcases the best vocal performance on the album, because of how soft it is and how sits with the sound of the guitars. This song is something that would be an immense crowd pleaser, you can just tell when your listening to it and the vocals come streaming out as Brien sings ‘Hurry up and Live’.

The album maintains that larger than life sound throughout, and there’s not really a track that lets you down, as you remain wanting more after each song, because you want to hear that next one. The song that sticks out in my mind after listening to the album in it’s entirety is ‘Hollow Tunes’, mainly because the incredible start to it, you have this lovely little piano part, then this huge monster like guitar comes bursting through and giving you the biggest sense of wonderful dread.  Those vocals are flawless throughout once again in this song, reminding you of Brandon Flowers at points.

If you don’t buy the bonus tracks (which you should) the album finishes at ‘Beautiful Game’, which rounds off the album perfectly with another sense dread within it stemming from the Piano, you also have the acoustic guitar in the background complimenting to the track, and of course that guitar screaming in the background making it as dramatic as a drama on ITV1.

The two bonus tracks are something that you all should be listening too, so here you are.

They really are bonus tracks, and you should feel privileged that you’ve listened to them. Whether it be the acoustic ‘This is the Time’ or the totally brilliantly messed up sound  of ‘Perfect Dream’ you should enjoy both of them, especially if you like your guitar solo’s you will really get into ‘This is the Time’. ‘Perfect Dream’ pulls you in from the first note because of how strange and out of this world it sounds. It seems that the band were coming to the end of the  album and they thought ‘What’s the weirdest piece of music we could do?’, and then just did it,  and how glad we should be, because it’s something that you would just not hear anywhere else.

A great band that have blessed us with a perfectly constructed album, and should leave us all wanting to hear what else they can do, so if you have a heart, and a laptop, get liking, listening and buying!




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