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The OutfitsIntro

The Outfits are a band from the great city of Sheffield, which have been the culprits of giving us incredible bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and Reverend and The Makers, and they’re are now the place to point the finger at for giving us another promising prospect. Like most bands on the site they’re an indie rock band taking and showcasing influences from well in their words, anything and everything. The band is made up of:-

Rob Sambrook (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

Michael White (Guitar)

Martin Walker (Bass)

Lee Barkley (Drums)

So after that brief introduction, lets move on to the most important element, the music.

The EP

The EP boasts an incredible start with the drums crashing in and making an impact that should only really be made when The Cribs start playing ‘Back to The Bolthole’. In the vocals you can hear that slight Sheffield swagger which most Sheffield front men have, just take a look at Alex Turner in ‘I bet you look good on the dancefloor’, that first line. This guitar heavy opener could easily make any moderately bored human turn their head, listen and pay attention to what’s entering their ears.

Once again in the second song ‘Suzie’ the drums immediately draw you in with a beat that you’ll find yourself tapping next time your at a desk, or perhaps your a knee tapper, and then in that case you’ll be thinking about tapping now. There’s some smart guitar riffage going on in the background to coincide with the unique vocals of Sambrook. It’s the tamest song on the EP, but I also think it’s the most beautiful song on the EP, It doesn’t scream attitude or it doesn’t have the decibels to compete with the opener ‘Sweep’, but does have one catchy hook-line.

‘Rollercoaster’ is the next song up, which brings the potent sound of the drums to the full front of things again. This song has everything which includes a catchy chorus, a blaring solo, a drum beat to keep your toe tapping, a riff that keeps you hooked and even a Beatles reference with the line “I’ve got a ticket to ride my lady”.

‘Headspin’ could possibly be my favorite song on the EP purely because of that blistering guitar part at the beginning of the song which tugs you into the song like your girlfriend does when she wants to get you on the dance floor, and speaking of dance floors this is easily a song that could make you lose your head for the best part of 2 minutes and 46 seconds.


Another band produced from which Is considered one of the finest place for guitar music, could easily see this lads get the crowd moving, a definite band to keep your eye on to see what’ coming next.





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