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This band got in touch with me a while back, I’ve apologized because of ho late this is, but I have been really busy and I like to give every post a day or two to sit on the page so people can read them. So once again guys sorry, and thank you so much for being oh so very patient.

This band hailing from Manchester/Huddersfield and Leeds, which orginally started out as a two piece but soon  expanded into a four-piece. Taking their influences from quite a variety of artists those being The Beatles, Tame Impala Oceansize and Pink Floyd, majority of those being psychedelic. So now the band is a four piece, who are these four people behind Termite? Well we have:-

George Roberts – Guitar, Vocals
Danny Brown – Drums, Vocals
Sam Mercer – Bass, Vocals
Sam Rodwell – Guitar, Vocals

Growth EP

When they first e-mailed me they said that they don’t really know which genre their music belongs to, and when I heard this I felt that I was going to be the savior and perhaps a genre creator by placing this music in a genre or just make one up and put it there. After listening to the EP twice, I still couldn’t place it anywhere because it features so many different styles, some being psychedelic, some quite jazzy and some just really out there. But this is no reason to turn away, if anything this is a reason to indulge in this music and appreciate it even more.

From the beginning of the EP ‘These Clowns’ had me already hooked, with the loud drums and the LSD guitar riffing in the background you can’t help but feel that you should be in the middle of a field dancing around trees and generally acting crazy. As well as all of these sounds running through your head, you have these vocals which sound very much like Julian Casablancas on the first Stroke’s album, sounding like it’s coming through a tube, a bit like you know the vocals are there, but you don’t exactly know what they’re saying, which is good because it draws you in to listen more intently.

Then it slowly drifts into ‘Memory Loss’, and to be honest the name of the song couldn’t ring more true because it feels as if they’ve totally forgot the song that they’ve just played, and moved onto something totally new.  However it’s still not totally different because you still feel as if you should be in a field, in your pants with the trees and birds. In some parts in this song it seems as if the it’s actually haunted because of the trippy guitar work from George and Sam. Then all of a sudden it drops, so it’s a bit like you’ve been in the most haunted house of the west, and you’ve just walked out, turned around and realized it was the wacky warehouse. An excellent song that took me places.

The final edition to the EP is ‘Kettle of Fish’, this is the most jazziest song out of all of them, with jangly guitar very much like Marr’s. The song seems totally out of time, as if it’s going wrong, but it evidently isn’t because you’re still listening to it, it’s Beatles like work because of how well composed it is, reminding me of ‘Day in The life’, not sounding-wise but how it drops in to Paul’s part. When finally think it’s all safe, it drops in to this horrendously eerie part, very much like in ‘Memory Loss’ and it brings the song and EP to a glorious ending. It’s and EP that will stand them in good stead for the next project, whether it shall be an EP or Album, but for a debut EP they really didn’t play it safe, they totally went to do what they wanted to, and it worked.

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