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Birmingham has always had a grand reputation for rock music. It practically built the metal foundation and has carried on its legacy through great local venues, such as the Flapper, Actress and Bishop and Scruffy Murphy’s and with brilliant unsigned acts. Bloom are no exception to this rule.

The four piece; Robert Laity, Nick Pearson, Graeme Grace and Mark Corabii, have been making music since they formed in late 2009. Bloom take influences from bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, Pink Floyd and Muse and when listening to them it is not hard to tell. They remind me of slow progressive rock combined with Gallagher-esque vocals and a hint of grunge styled guitars.

I decided to check out the band’s E.P and in doing so found myself drifting into their experimental world. The first track, simply called ‘Untitled’, transports me into some sad, mythical world. The combination of perfectly mixed guitars creates both sad and beautiful riffs, building throughout until it finally fades away; preparing the listener for the main event.

Moving away from the almost folky intro, ‘Nightmare’ takes a more indie root, with a set of angsty lyrics that brought me back to the cold streets of Birmingham.  The full distortion kicked in, when moving onto ‘Buzzfuck’, one of the catchiest songs off the E.P.

Finally the listening experience finishes with the grungy ‘Vampyre’. For me, this is one of the noisiest tracks on the album and my personal favourite.  It mixes thrashing drums and violent guitars and in a way almost sounds messy. However, this is the exact reason why it’s my favourite.

All in all, the whole E.P has a cool and eerie feel, packed with slow and moody tracks.  It incorporates heavy distortion with experimental sounds of strange chimes and footsteps. It’s extremely layered, rising and falling throughout; combining the heavy riffs and slow build ups. From start to finish, Bloom take you on a journey through the darker side of indie and trust me, it’s definitely somewhere you want to go.

Check out their stuff on their Soundcloud! –

You can catch the guys  live then check them out on Wednesday 20th February at the Dublin Castle in Camden or on 16th of March Cold Fields at their EP launch at The Flapper!

Get. On. It.

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