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Movie Reek


I stumbled across this band a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as I heard the first song ‘Ignore Me’, I knew that this was the band for me. Fortunately I’ve had the luck of getting in touch their people and they were happy for me to get an exclusive on their upcoming new single ‘Movie Reel’, so I’m doing something right.

They’re a three piece coming out of London, and aren’t following any speed limits after their music has currently featured in a promo video for the fashion company Vans, as well as support Fantastic Mr Fox. The band are made up of three brothers, which just makes this band that much better with:-

– Tom Easton (21) – Vocals and guitar

-Ben Easton (18) – Bass and Vocals

– Sam Easton (14) – Drums (I was shocked when I found out his age because he drums like a pro)

With this Cribs set up and two other singles behind them, I was excited to see what they could do next.

‘Movie Reel’

Unfortunately the song hasn’t been released yet so I can’t place it on my blog, but I can tell you how good it is and how you should most definitely buy it.

The single was produced by Cam Blackwood who has worked with the likes of The Horrors, Florence and The Machine and Hurts (so he hasn’t got a bad body of work). The song see’s them take a step into a more mature direction after their first two releases, which are well worth a listen to.

The song has a very Cribsy feel to it, especially with the catchy but at the same time quite complex guitar riffs, however they seem to keep this independence at the same time, it’s not like they’re ripping The Cribs off. The song contains a very British guitar sound, which sometimes you don’t hear so often anymore with up and coming bands so it’s nice to hear.The vocals are flawless throughout and the lyrics are fresh and don’t seem fake or thrown together, they just roll of the tongue, lyrics like ‘someone to kiss in the sun’. It’s an excellent performance from the band on this one, and especially  Tom for his undeniable talent on guitar. For a relatively young bad, this song sound so past their time, it sounds like a song that should be coming out from a band that are experience, but it’s not which is pleasantly surprising and can only spell good things for the future.

The song is released on March 4th so be sure sure to buy it from every outlet you can and give them every penny they deserve. I definitely will





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