My New Year’s Resolution


It’s 11 days since it was the 1st January, so I don’t think this post is very late and is still quite relevant, however if I had left until after January that would of been taking the piss and I couldn’t live with myself if I did that.

I’ve never really collected anything before except for a Premier League Sticker book 03-04, it was a good year for me that I felt like I achieved something. Right, lets start again, I’ve never collected anything worthy before, nothing that I’ve looked back on and thought yeah I got all those and I worked bloody hard for it. So while everyone was pondering what their new years resolution could be I came up with my own one in my head, to collect all the Cribs vinyl’s by the end of the year. I’ve told my girlfriend and she thinks it’s way too hard and I’ll never be able to do it, I believe with determination (and a lot of money), I’ll be able to achieve this.

The idea came from me listening to The Cribs and I just thought, I like these, let’s collect everything that they’ve ever done, and that was enough for me to get on board the idea. Also I know It’s something that I will look back and either go yeah, 2013 year of me gaining lot’s of Cribs Vinyl’s and completing it, or the year of me going, didn’t complete it, ah well I’ll do it next year. To be honest I’ve come to terms with the fact there will probably be some really rare ones, but that will not stop me trying because it’s giving me something to do this year that’s actually interesting.

Martell redd


Cribs-Baby-Dont-SweatMirror kiss




At the end of 2012 I had Mirror Kissers (Yellow), Come on and be a no one and Our Bovine Public, oh and Men’s Need’s, Women’s Need’s Whatever. So I’m pretty much starting from scratch with this and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I like an uphill battle. So far I’ve managed to draw in Baby don’t sweat, Martell (Red) and Men’s Needs, but the it’s still early days and I think I’m doing quite well (especially with the money I’ve got).  So this is a little plea, a tiny SOS, to say if you know anyone who’s selling any contact me IMMEDIATELY and I’ll and thrash out a deal with my not so good negotiation skills.





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