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I posted about these some time ago, think it was a couple of months back, if you forget reading it here’s the link have another browse at it.

I remember reviewing the last song ‘Patch it up’, because it really got engraved in my mind which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest. I really like the sound that this band has, it’s loud and in your face with these riffs which just stick with you. If you don’t know the band come from Southampton, a place too far for me to get to so I feel deprived that I haven’t been able to see them because I know it would be good night, perhaps one day.

The Song

I must of done something right with the review last time because they’ve got in touch with me again to tell me about their new song that they’ve done, it’s a good job they did because it would have taken me longer to find out about it, and then I think I would’ve been annoyed at not listening to it sooner.

When the intro first came In I though it was going to be more of a grunge song, but then it drops and burst into life with this cool riff, which I’ve got used to them doing now because they’re so good at. I notice in quite a lot of bands that they try to imitate another singer (which I do often), but I don’t get that from the lead singer in this I think he’s got he’s own vocals, however I can here a hint of Luke Pritchard in their, not a bad thing though. I think what I like most about this is that it’s really up beat and fast paced, which always sits well with me because I think that’s what music is supposed to do, get you off your seat, go mental, punch a man that you never would have done if you were never listening to the song. The drums are present in this song as they are in their others, they’re really pulled to the front in their music, which is where it should be, nothing worse when there’s drums in a song but it’s just being drowned out. They have a great balance between the vocals, guitar and the drums. Oh and there’s a nice little breakdown part, with a fucking good guitar part in it, starts at 2.39.



Another song I’ve really enjoyed of theirs, if you have never heard of them and never listened to them before then I’d advise too because they’re class.


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