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Before I write about this band, I would like to apologise because of how long this has took, they got in touch with me a while back, Twitter failed and I didn’t get in touch with them for a while but final I’m doing it, Andrew, Shaun, Chris, I’m very sorry. If you don’t know how to pronounce the name (which I couldn’t), it’s, (Pala-nook), see it’s simple. It’s a three piece band, consisting of are Andrew Ralph (Vox, guitar), Shaun Potterton (Vox, Bass) and Chris Ralph (Vox, drums),they take their influences from The Beatles, Feeder, Travis and a slight bit of Bon Iver (which isn’t evident in this song). They formed in 2007, so been doing it fora while now, getting experience under their belt. They have been on BBC Introducing Three Counties no less than five times as well as featuring on the playlist through December 2010  January 2011. Playing prestigious venues such as The Dublin Castle (London), The Jericho Tavern (Oxford) The Cavern Club and The O2 Academy (both in Liverpool) its no surprise that theyre always called back for more, not too bad then.

The Song

There were two songs they sent me to review, and they said choose one, and I went with this one because I prefer it, simple.

I think it’s quite subtly a very psychedelic piece, with the drums giving this sort of hazy effect off by using the symbols quite frequently. As well as this I find the vocals and the lyrics quite psychedelic, with the ‘lalalalalalas’ in there. The riff which features at the start of the song is really catchy, and when that effect is being put on it, it gives it that psychedelic undertone. There’s also a really nice, solo, riff, diddy, (whatever you wanna call it)  in the middle of the song, which again carries that same effect as the rest of the song, there’s only the one guitarist so he must be using a pedal for the solo part, don’t ask what pedal I don’t know but it’s got quite a crunchy sound to it.

The Beatles

They also have a passion for The Beatles and because I’m a bit of a fan myself I couldn’t resist putting this video on here. The BBC wanted them to cover a Beatles song, so they did, and it’s probably one of Lennon’s best vocal performances in a song, along with Mr. Moonlight, I found out, and many others. Although it’d a cover, they’ve placed their own spin on it,, which I’m a big fan of in covers theirs nothing worse listening to a cover which sounds exactly the same as the song, because that’s not a cover, it’s an imitation.

The Band

Another good band in the UK which we should be supporting, so lets do our part.

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