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Just got exactly what I needed, and I do need them quite occasionally, a kick up my arse. So here’s my apology to William Freeman, I said I would write this review a week or so back but been really busy. I have listened to the songs, just never got round to reviewing them. So lets go. I reviewed Will back in September, and looked at the tracks he had got at that point, one of them being ‘The Isle’ which I thought was beautiful. At that point he also mentioned that he was working on an EP (this one), and I hoped it was going to be more of the same, and he hasn’t dissapointed. Also would like to mention the artkwork, because for an unsigned artists it looks really professional and better than a lot of the other shit out there, and for this we should thank Ailsa Morris.

The EP

The EP hasn’t been released yet but should be released mid-November I’ve been told, but because I’m lucky I’ve had the chance to listen to it, and I’m really sorry for the people who will have to wait for it because it’s 3 wonderful pieces of music.  Each one is n acoustic masterpiece and with the finger picking it makes it so much better. I picked up on his finger picking last time, it just runs so well, because it’s quite hard to inc operate chords with the finger picking (well I do), and just seem so natural when you’re listening to it, you’ll notice that most in ‘Sirens’.

Another one that features on the EP is called ‘By Your Side’, some acoustic songs can quite boring when it’s just chords but this doesn’t happen in this song because you’ve got these nice little hammer on’s going on and that really adds to it I think. As well as that he has these parts where really picks up the pace in the song, but again just seems just so natural and it doesn’t ruin the rhythm of the song, also he singing over the fast paced strumming, and that’s no walk in the park, it is quite challenging thing to do.

The lyrics to every song is a story being told and it always makes me try and choose something that it’s representing, what it’s being wrote about, I like when songs do this because there’s a thought process, it makes you think, give the song a bit depth to it. Finally his voice sometimes just knocks me back a bit, especially when you turn the speakers up, it’s really is something to listen to, and I’m not the biggest fan of folk singers but I really like his voice.


It’s an EP that everybody should be wanting to hear, and should be waiting for because I think it’s something that he’s worked really hard on and you can tell that through the songs, but it doesn’t sound like it’s been forced, just sounds natural. If you haven’t already like him on facebook, follow him on twitter and look out for his EP!



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