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I continue to gain this name of a bad blogger, as I consistently continue not to post as regularly as I’ve pledged to (2 times a week), for this I apologize to the people who read my blog, and wait for day after day for the next post to put up, which is probably no one, but if there is one person, I’m sorry. Anyway, Transition,Baby! New EP, this was released nearly two weeks back, so not really that new, but still new to the people who haven’t listened to it. I reviewed their song called ‘Manners wasted on you’, which I really enjoyed because of the energy in the song, and the riff being quite catchy. After that they said they were working on an EP and here it is, and because I enjoy listening to it, the list I could do is review it.

The EP

I remember thinking to myself when they said they were creating an EP ‘I hope it’s more of the same stuff’, because I really liked the vocal on the songs and the guitar riff that was in it, and they haven’t dissapointed me in the slightest, also they’ve put some twists and turns in some of the songs as well.

Although I put the EP up here, I still encourage you to go on their soundcloud, and their facebook because it’s not enough just listening to the music you have to get behind them.  <<So there do it.

I think the pick of the bunch for me would be ‘Grit’, I don’t know but it really stud out for me for some reason. I really like the pace of the song, and how it picks up pace, drops it and still keeps the rhythm while doing this. As well as that it’s just a really catchy beat/rhythm, when you listen to it and if you don’t agree please tell me. The other favorite from these is the one I reviewed before ‘Manners are wasted on you’. Even though I listened to it before, it still sounded fresh, and there were little parts of the song that I didn’t know about which I found out about, meaning the song has layers.

Overall I think it is a really strong EP, with ll of them being catchy pieces of music, and I think this band holds something different than I’ve heard before. Obviously there are comparisons to ‘We Are Scientists’, but I think they different to them. I think this definitely a sign of good things to come from this band as they seem to have that knack of writing and piecing a song together which obviously is quite hard to do.

As always, get behind the band, get their music listened to!

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