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The Harlequins


This group is called The Harlequin, and they’re an unsigned band from Southampton. They play my favored genre above all other genres, Rock/Indie. These guys messaged me ages ago asking for a review, and I’ve literally just got round to it because I’m that busy (and I did go on holiday). I listened to them when I got their message, and I was quite excited after hearing songs such as, ‘Christopher Lee’ and ‘Catch Fire’, especially the class riff in’ Christopher Lee’, because I’m such a good blogger here’s the song,

If you’re wondering who’s in the band,

Joel Doherty- Vocals/ Guitar

Rowan Curtis- Vocals/ Bass Guitar

Peter Work- Vocals/ Guitar

George Grattan- Drums

All very talented musicians, going on all the pieces of music they have created.

The Song

The song I’m reviewing is called Patch me Up, decided to do this one because I quite like the video because it’s live, also it’s a tune. Before I start rambling on I think it’s best that you listen to the song.

That literally took about 10 minutes to put that video on here. Sorry about that, typing what I’m saying. Right the song, fast paced, loud, catchy and some brilliant lyrics to go along with all of those things. I thought they were a bit like Arctic Monkeys, with their lyrics and the way stop and start in the song, but it’s just slightly more high pitch and without a Sheffield accent. The riff, is too catchy to say the least, I’ve whistled it a quite a few times while I’ve been waiting for the kettle to boil, I will try find out how to play, then I can hear it all the time. It’s put together quite well, with all the little guitar pieces behind the main song, compliments the song quite well. Also it just runs so smoothly, sometimes fast paced songs with frequent stops and starts can be quite hard to get down and play it the whole way through, but this doesn’t miss a beat throughout the whole song.


Another band on the list that I really want to see now, perhaps I will have to make the effort and go down to Southampton to see them. This band have a lot of good material, and looking forward to hearing some new stuff when it comes out.




0 thoughts on “The Harlequin – Patch it up | New Music

  1. Hey, mate! Long time, eh? Cool band, I really like them. I hope to be lucky enough and see one of those bands when I go back to the UK 🙂
    I just wanted to give you another Brazilian band for you to write about if you feel like it. Pitty isn’t from my state, she’s from Bahia but still plays nice rock. Let me know what you think. You can check a video of hers on my blog.
    Take care,

    1. I know yeah, been really busy over the holidays unfortunately “/. They really are and I hope I get to see em’ n’all haha.

      Yeah I will have a look when I get chance, because I’m going back to uni next week!

      Cheers Alex

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