William Freeman


I haven’t got a lot on this artist, but he’s an acoustic act who is a bit folky (it is a word, I established this about a week back) and he is hailing from Lossiemouth,Scotland.

His Music

I haven’t chosen to focus on one song because I think it’s best if I can look at all the tracks he’s done, and they all really are that beautiful. Same as always with this I will put a few songs up so you can listen to them, then leave his soundcloud link so you can look at the songs for yourself.

I’ve put up these three songs because these were the three that stuck in my head the most, and I thought that made the songs deserve these spots. Not that the other three are bad, they just didn’t stick in my head as this much. As a guitarist, I know how hard finger picking is, I find it hard just learning a small piece of finger picking, but to actually compose your own finger picking piece is extremely hard and even harder to get it to sound good and flow together. In all the pieces they have these catchy little finger picking parts, which are brilliantly composed, and they manage to hold the rhythm and the melody. Also as well as this, you have him mixing it with chords, which I think is yet again rather hard because it can’t sound out of place and it doesn’t.
All the songs I’ve listened to by William Freeman have knocked me back a bit because they’re all at such a good standard and none of them are really below par. I think one of them main elements which makes these songs so good are the vocals, because they are heart warming and quite soulful, but still has hint of folk in their. The lyrics play a big part in these songs because they’re all telling a story and it gives you something else to listen out for because you’re trying to follow. Also I find songs with meaningful lyrics, just have more to offer to a listener.

Just thought I’d put this video up because it’s a great performance by William.


A great artist, with a real talent for writing, singing, playing guitar and composing, so he has everything really I believe.



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