Burnt Tomorrow


Burnt Tomorrow are an acoustic band,  mixing folk and rock influences, which you can hear in their music when you listen to it. Forming originally as a three piece back in 2009, they performed in front of many crowds around Reading, and building fan base for them and their music.  After having a break for a year, they’re back as a five piece and they feel like they can’t be stopped with their music. Their band consists of Simon on Guitar/lead vocal Gabs, who is on Bass, JP on Piano/accordion/ukulele, Tim on  Guitar/vocal and finally Katie: Drums/cajon.

Their Music

They take influences from Frank Turner, Levellers, Jonah Matranga, Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling. I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest lover of Folk music, I don’t know why, It just doesn’t work with me but I found myself listening to this band quite a lot since I listened to them. There music really goes well with a chilled out day with songs like, ‘From the heart’ and ‘Take me Home’. But as well as the chilled out songs which just seem to drift out of your speakers, you’ve got the really upbeat songs like, ‘Give in to hope’ and ‘Southern Nights’.

‘Southern Nights’ is probably my favourite song out of all of them because they’ve got some really nice guitar pieces in there, along with the drums as well. Also I think the vocals are at their best on this song, there’s some real attitude in that voice in this song. The vocalist really does remind me of Frank Turner, he’s got a really Folky (it’s a word now) voice, which really suits the music that they play. I think that is where the ‘balls’ come from in their music, their vocalist and their introduction of the electric guitar in their music.


A band that I didn’t think that would be my cup of tea, but the are and I’m actually really glad I listened to them because I think it’s going to broaden my musical tastes that bit further. A very hard working band, which deserve all our support.

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