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Another band that’s been found off twitter, this band is quite close to home as they’re hailing Birmingham, UK (So you don’t wonder if it’s the USA one).  Taking influences from bands like Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Coral and Ocean Colour Scene which is quite obvious when you listen to the band. These are a three piece band, members consisting of Iain Gough – Vocals/Guitars, Dom Boyle – Bass/Vocals and Ant Heath – Drums. They reformed in late 2011, and they spent a lot of time writing songs so they were ready and prepared for some gigs in 2012. They have quite a growing fan base in the midlands and supporting CAST and The Musgraves have only helped that.

Their Music

I’m just reviewing one of their songs, they have four more tracks which you can listen to on their reverbnation page, which is…

This band is quite versatile, with their acoustic song ‘Goodbye Charlie’ (which is probably my favourite one) to their heavy their heavy guitar riffed ‘Chase The Dragon’, which is another one of my favourite ones, purely because of the solo.

‘Goodbye Charlie’ was the first song that I listened to by them, and it’s a really catchy song with, the lyrics and the beautiful acoustic guitar part in the background. It doesn’t  sound like one of the most complex of songs but perhaps that’s what makes it so good, because it is that simple. I also think the lyrics are a big part in ‘Goodbye Charlie’ because it doesn’t have any solos in it or anything, and I just think that’s what makes the lyrics such a integral part of this song and they really are some well written, well thought lyrics.

The lead singer reminds me of Tom Meighan a bit in his voice, because it sounds quite commanding but uplifting at the same time, you can see a good example of this in the song ‘I don’t need you anymore’, which also has a really catchy riff in it.


Another band, giving the world what it needs more of, MUSIC. Also they’re close to home so quite nice to do a review about a band that isn’t so far away. Lets get behind em’



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