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Did a review on this guys a couple of days back,  and I must of done something right because they’ve asked me to review another one of their songs, and of course I agreed. Hopefully you’ve listened to the song because the video is just above you, if you haven’t, please do now.

The Song

In the last song I reviewed I thought it was quite poppy, and this one still is poppy but it has a big rock edge to it I believe, with heavy riffs, the lyrics in this song seem to have more substance to them and as well as these things It’s as catchy as they come. It’s got all the elements that a good song has, and that’s what makes it such a good song. They’re musical genius shines through in this song because the song is pieced together so well, and with the little instrumental parts in it and an incredible solo, you would think they’d been doing it for a long time. The solo kicks in at 1.35, and fuck me does it kick in,I think that it’s the best part of the song, I’m literally going back and forth from it trying to learn it. A tab perhaps? I think the vocals in this song is a lot better, just another element which makes me believe that this guitarist is so talented and has got so much to offer.

As well as this you’ve got a nice little video to go with it, showing his talents off on it, playing piano and that, oh and if you didn’t notice at the end he’s playing with his teeth, and can play with his tongue, not bad.

I’ve reviewed this band twice now, and I really enjoy because I just enjoy listening to their music.

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