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A fairly new band seen as they only formed the start of 2012, and already have a tune under their belt. they hail from South London. There music mainly is influenced by a diverse bunch being Hendrix and Howlin Wolf to John Martyn and Cream. It’s says on soundcloud that it’s psychedelic, blues driven rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s only until you listen to the song you fully understand that, a niche genre but one that’s got a lot to offer.

They were formed by frontman James Howlett and guitarist Richard Costello as they were an acoustic duo previous. Stellify were then augmented by long time collaborator Ben Clark on bass and Tim McNicol on drums to create a more expansive and encompassing sound. After recording their debut E.P. in the ‘summer’ of 2012, the band will be touring in support of the E.P’s imminent release in the coming months.

The Song

The song is extremely psychedelic, with the acoustic guitar in the background, and those other elements to, it’s really well pieced together. and it sounds amazing to me now because I’m listening to it in the dark (with my eyes closed) and I think that just adds to it. As well as this really soothing acoustic guitar, you got this nice little heavy guitar which keeps popping up with these amazing riffs and solos, my personal favorite one would be the one that comes in at 3.59, really took me by surprise because I didn’t think one of these types of song would have that heavy guitar in it. The lyrics throughout the song are great with lyrics like ‘the killers in your mind’, and the lyrics are done justice with some pretty good vocals to go with those lyrics.


Another band, another promising song, they’re due to release some new stuff so follow me on twitter and I’ll keep you posted! Lets support em’, and get their music out there.


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