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This band is actually quite close to home as they’re from the Midlands, and they said that ever since they were kids they wanted to be remembered as legends. They put everything into their music and they’re known for the spectacular tricks and treats (now I’m wondering what they are). They’ve played with some pretty big acts in The Kooks, Tribes and Viva Brother (less said about them, the better), who apparently have some very nice things to say about this band. They’ve been offered to support the likes of  The Mystery Jets, The Kooks, Tribes, Tinchy Stryder, Los Campesinos, Viva Brother and Professor Green, as well as The Bluetones.

‘Have brought rock music a new lease of life…the Rebels have captured the meaning of great music and guitar work to die for’ – Music Review Unsigned

‘They wowed the crowd with a blistering one hour set’ – NME

So some very kind words from the bigwigs in music.

The Song

Before I start talking about the song I just wanna say how amusing the video is, really like the intro adds a bit of character and charm to the band, except for the part where he’s taking his tooth out, that ain’t a vary nice sound, right onto the song.

Overall the song is a very catchy poppy piece of music, with some very nice piano  parts in the song. Really like the little guitar piece which starts at 2.57, then when it ends it throws you right back into the middle of the song. It’s a very get up and go song, loud drums, catchy chorus and a blaring guitar that makes you just want to jump from wall to wall. No real content in the lyrics, but you’re not really looking for that in this type of song, you just want something to shout out loud. the singer you can clearly see has some character, and some talent on the guitar as well as his singing, the vocals on the song don’t miss a beat.


A very catchy song, with probably one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard. I think it’s one that would really shine when it’s live!

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