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Another band found through Twitter (Thankyou Jack Dorsey). They’re a very young band based near Brighton, the band consists of Sam, 15, Fletcher, 16 and Luke 16, these are all quite young but the music you would think very experienced musicians would’ve created these two beautiful songs. The band have played in several venues around the South East.

They take influences from Alt-J (being the most obvious I think), The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club, Wild Beasts, Little Comets and we were promised jetpacks.

This two track demo was released earlier in 2012 (why didn’t I find it earlier!), the two tracks that feature on here are called ‘Innocence’ and ‘Wired’, they say their songs are filled with intricate melodies, up tempo beats with a dark-beach style twist, and they’re beautiful.

The Music

Before I start rambling on about the songs,  I think it’s better you listen to them both now.

I got into this type of music very late because when I got into rock/indie music I was very against alternative music, because I just found it strange and weird, and it’s took me quite a while for me to appreciate this type of music but I’m glad I do now because they’re not easy pieces to create.

Sometimes I find singers in these types of bands can be quite false, and not seem real but these vocals seem genuine, like that this is his normal singing voice and it really is something to listen to, just want him to be the commentator in my life.

‘Innocence’ was the first song I listened to, and I thought they were going to be quite a heavy band as soon as heard the first not played, then you get this silence and it just all of a sudden bursts into life, with so much energy. The lyrics in this song are very impressive, considering how young the writer is, I  know people who are twice his age and struggle to piece a sentence together (you don’t want to meet them). I’m more impressed about how it was pieced together and the composing that has went on to create this song, I can make a guess that has been anything but simple or easy. In this song they just pick up the tempo and then drop it again, and it feels so natural, it doesn’t seem out of place or anything.

‘Wired’ is the second track on this EP, and although I prefer ‘Innocence’ I think this has the more melody that they said they brought to the table. I prefer this melody because, you’ve got a constant guitar part playing in the background, just the same notes and that quite addictive on it’s own. But you have this incredible voice over the top of that. Again like the first, the lyrics are very impressive and they just pick up the tempo and drop whenever they like and it just feels like that’s the way it should be.


These two songs truly are brilliant, and it would be a crime for them not to reach everyone because they really are that good. Hopefully they’re working on some more tracks, one things for sure they definitely have a new fan that will buy into them.

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  1. do you know of any websites where I can find the exact lyrics to their songs? ( i may be a bad web searcher) but I couldn’t find the lyrics to their songs online; i remember looking them up once before though, a few months back and I found them somewhere; i just haven’t been able to find them again. any help? thanks

    1. Unfortunately I don’t, I will try to look for you and if I come across them I will tell you. But I really do like these two songs,I find myself always coming back to them and listening to them

      1. Thankyou, and if I happen to find the site where I found it before, or any other site, I’ll post it here in a comment

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