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I got talking to this band when I first started twitter, just never got round to talking about reviewing them so finally here it is.

Jumped Gun are an Indie/Rock band hailing from London, taking influences from The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Oasis, Blur, Nirvana and  Radiohead. They’re a band that has an obsession for melody and you can tell this when you listen to the songs they create. Although they’re from London, one of the lead singer and songwriter is Glaswegian, they have an Italian bass player, which I think is pretty cool and they have an English drummer and an English lead guitarist.

The Music

I think before you carry on reading you should listen to their music, because you might be a bit angry at me for holding you up, so here’s the link where you can find it…

These are all the songs they have recorded to my knowledge, If I find anymore I’ll immediately put them on my twitter.

The three songs are ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Revolution in red’ and Wage war. They’re a great bunch of songs, and each of them can stand on your own. All of them have great lyrics, riffs, drum beats and vocals, so I don’t see what more you could want from songs.

Out of all of them ‘wage a war’ really stood out for me mainly because I loved the lyrics and the chorus being ‘I wage a war against myself’, I just found it really catchy, and it really stuck. When 2.53 hits in the song you get this nice little solo, if it doesn’t sound good, it’s because you haven’t got it turned it up enough, it’s sounds so much better when it’s blaring out at you.

The most interesting song out of the bunch would be ‘Revolution in Red‘, because it got quite a lot of effects on it, which are fucking amazing. Seriously if you haven’t got it turned up and blaring out at you, then your not gonna get the full affect of it.

I really like what they did with his vocals in this song. It’s a song that I could imagine being played out in a packed out crowd, and each and everyone of them would be going mental. It would either be an opener to a gig or a close to gig, because it’s that big.

Problem Solving‘ this song you can really hear his Glaswegian accent which I love, love it on James Allan, love it on this guy. You know what I just said about ‘Revolution in Red‘ would either be an opener or a closer, I was wrong I think this would be, purely because of the vocals. They’re really out there and it’s such a great performance on this song. All the elements you want in a song, are in this song.


Another lot of tracks that I’ve had the joy of listening to, very glad I’ve got the chance to listening to these songs. Seriously this band really needs to be heard.

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