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Chris Ilett is a singer/songwriter and producer based in South East London. He’s currently working on his debut solo album. At the beginning of the year he released ‘The Fateful Smile EP’, which was a free download-only release, which you can find on his twitter! The songs from the EP have picked up around 150 radio plays this year, from different stations all over the country, which isn’t bad going because of how hard it is to get air time.

Back in 2009 Chris took a break from making music, as he’d been recording and touring constantly since 1998 when he left school which is some going really and thought it’d be cool to tour Australia for year (which of course it was). Around this time last year, XFM played one of his old bands songs (the band was Vitriol I.D.). That prompted me to get back into the studio, and how glad I am he did.

He’s also trying to talk the lovely ladies from Bond Quartet to play on the album. He doesn’t believe that he stands much of chance of getting them to play, but if we can get behind him, perhaps they will!

The EP

If you want the EP you can get it off his twitter, really easy to download, I’d advise it.

If you want something with great riffs, a husky voice and very loud, this is it for you because it has all those elements, especially in the songs ‘she rocks’, ‘the drive’ and ‘fascinate by hate’, really are get up and go songs. It’s not just these types of song though, you have two beautiful slow paced songs with ‘The Rope’ and ‘The Fray’. Especially ‘The Fray’ because it’s got a sort of hypnotic side to the song because it’s got this constant acoustic part looping, which I really like and adds to the affect. Also you have have this husky voice over it, which the more I listen to it the more I enjoy listening to it.

Now I’m not a massive fan of really heavy guitar sounds, but in the song ‘fascinate by hate’, I got really addicted to the sound. I think it’s the riff at the beginning of the song, it’s really catchy and in your face.

It also has some cool lyrics e.g. “You care for me like I care for disease” which features in the song ‘The Drive’ which is another catchy song that you can’t help but enjoy.


Another artist who is giving everything into his music, and the least we could do is listen to it. Altogether they’re a great bunch of songs, which really could stand up well on there own but together they’re even better.

Check his twitter

Download the EP

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