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I first got talking to this band over twitter a couple of days ago, and I asked them who their influences were inspired by everything, and that they influence themselves and that they’re their own genre. At this point I thought ‘I reckon I can link them to someone’. They’ve been together since 2010 but the current line up has only been together for 3 months and for the songs that they’ve got it seems like they’ve been together for a lot longer. They also said that they were the best band coming out of Manchester, and it was only until I listened to them when I thought ‘you know what, they actually might be’. They’re not your typical ‘Madchester’ band, to be honest they’re not your typical anything band because I couldn’t link them to anyone really, I think they actually might have their own genre, and probably their own sound. I’ve listened to a track that they haven’t released yet, so I can’t review that song, but I can tell you it’s really something.

The Song

Well what can I say, the vocals are perfect, they really are spotless. The title really explains the song, because it is a summer song, with everything together, the soft vocals, the jumpy, choppy and a very trebely guitar (Trebely is a word now). Also you’ve got these nifty little guitar pieces in the song underneath the vocals and that works really work together. I think what I admire most about this song is the melody because it really is beautiful, how they introduce the chorus is really smart. The lyrics are perfect for the song because you don’t want really deep meaning lyrics in this type of song, so the lyrics just explain a typical hot summer day, which is what you want from a song.

On to the lead singer, Callum Holt. I’ve never seen such a charismatic character on stage, although I’ve only seen him on video, he just puts so much energy into his performance, singing and entertaining. Have a see for yourself 🙂


A beautiful song from a very, very promising band! They’ve got they’re free EP out which you can download from their facebook, which is here.



Really, watch out for this band, they’ve got a lot of potential.

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