The Bedroom Hour


Yet another band found through the use of twitter, these are a five piece band called ‘The Bedroom Hour’ (think that’s a good name), and they’re a psychedelia guitar/synth band with quite charmed vocals. They record and mix everything in their own studio space in Uxbridge, in greater LondonThey take influences from bands like Elbow, Interpol and Doves which you can tell when you listen to them, especially Interpol, he’s got a very Paul Banks voice, just a little toned down.

The Music

For a band that hasn’t made it big yet they have some good tunes in the locker, 6 in all (that I know of), one of those being an acoustic song called ‘Nocturnal’. The music sounds very haunting, which I’m a fan of being a fan of Pulp as they put a lot of haunting elements in to their songs. A big input into why it sounds so haunting is because of the voice on these tracks, it sort of howls and screams at you, which adds to that effect. Although it does have these elements in the singing, there are some beautiful harmonies in there, for example in the track ‘Heart will Haunt’.

The most notable out of all these tracks is ‘X marks the spot’ a song with a melody so so smooth, a drum beat that is so distinctive and vocals that are so beautiful you’ll forget where you are (especially if you have your earphones in). I’ve listened to ‘X marks the spot’ quite a few times, and I think it’s such a good song because of how brilliantly it’s put together. One of my favorite lyrics in the song is ‘I promise to love you more than my life’, doesn’t sound too good saying it, but listening to it, different story.

Throughout all the songs there are beautiful vocals in all of them, I just really like his voice, especially in ‘Submarine’ because I think the piano and his voice really compliment each other, making it stand out more.


Some beautiful songs that you would only expect off a band that has been going around for a very long time. Something tells me that this band is where they’re supposed to be so lets get their music out there and support em!

Listen to their songs and follow them, wouldn’t hurt 🙂


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