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A band hailing from Sheffield, and taking influences from The Smiths, The Cure, The Jam, Strokes, Libertines, Blur which you can tell from their music because it’s very indie, and up my street. However although these bands are their influences there’s no direct links to show that because they don’t sound distinctively like one of those bands, they have their own sound, and I’m quite fond of it now.

Since I’ve joined twitter I’ve become very impatient with bands because a lot of them haven’t got a lot of songs under their belt and your just dying to hear more of their stuff, and it’s no different with these, I just want to hear more music from them because their other tracks are so good!

They have three songs to my knowledge, ‘where does this leave us now?’, ‘Ambitions of a Huckster’s Daughter’ and ‘Subtle Differences’. I’ll be reviewing their latest one ‘Subtle Differences’, I’m only reviewing this one because it’s the latest one but the other two songs need to be checked out, because they really are that good.

The Music

This song has a very haunting side to it, from the guitar riff at the start, the lyrics throughout the song and the bridge. I think that’s what I love about it the most because I like how Pulp do that in a lot of their songs ‘This is hardcore’ and ‘The fear’, because although it’s pop music it has a haunting side to which I really adhere to in songs. I mean the riff alone is brilliantly haunting, but the whole piece of music is great.

After i first listened to it I thought it was okay, then I listened to it and I though it was good and it just seemed the more I listened to it the more admired it. This song has got substance, I just get the feel that there’a a lot more to it, when you listen to you hear something different which you like.

Normally I’m not keen on voices like this, normally I like a commanding voice like John Lennon or Tom Meighan, but It compliments the music so well it’s hard to dislike it, so it’s really grown on me. I could see this song being played live and a crowd just literally going mental for it, just feel like that it’s a classic riff.

I know this is nothing to do with the music but, I really like the video as well because it has a simplicity that works with the song. Sometimes bands try to hard with videos and it looks a bit tacky, but this one avoids this by keeping it simple.


I’ve listened to this song about 50 times now, and I’m not bored of it, so that’s got to say something about the song. These really are a great band and deserve to be recognised so lets do our bit give them that support. Hopefully I will be able to catch one of their shows which you can find on their website along with their music.



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