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Another band found from the gift that is twitter, these lads are called The Mazzoni and come from West Cumbria in England. Since forming in 2008 they have got quite a lot on their CV having released an EP entitled ‘No reasons to stay’, and they’ve supported the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, Twisted Wheel and Detroit Social Club.In 2011 they released there second EP entitled ‘START’ which saw the band support Madness and The Futureheads. Then they had a bit of time away and when they returned supporting The Pigeon Detectives and the brilliant Sound Of Guns.  In this post I will just be reviewing their latest song ‘Another Rainy Day’

The Music

I couldn’t get the song onto a player so you will have to go on the website to listen to it, which is probably better because you can find out more about the band.

When I first heard the drum beat it immediately made me think of ‘Kasabian – Processed Beats’  (quality tune), and i liked the drum beat in that so why should it be any different in this song? It really suits it.

The song has the same beat throughout all of it, sometimes this can be quite dangerous because it could make the music quite tedious, but it works with this song because of the lyrics (really like the singers voice) and all the other elements that are going on in the background.

As well as all these another vital thing a song needs is a catchy chorus, a hook line.

Man in crowd:Does it have one of those?

Why yes it does, and a good one. I find when bands have a hook line sometimes it can come across as quite cheesy, but this one doesn’t because it’s not a cliche or anything.


A great little song, with a chilled out vibe (sound like David Brent now) and with cool lyrics. If you like that song you should really check out everything they’ve done because it’s more of the same brilliant stuff which you’d be silly to miss out on. Especially check out ‘silence never sold a thing’ fuckin’ love that song name.

Check em’ out

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