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King & Queen sorry

Right actually started a twitter for my blog yesterday (finally) wanna follow?  Knock yourself out!

Since I’ve started on twitter (yesterday) I’ve got in touch with a lot of bands, bands which are unsigned and I’ve got a lot of content I can cover now, and music that deserves to be around the world.

This was the first band to approach me and ask me to take a look at their music, and of course I agreed with a smile on my face.

The Album

I’ve only listened to it a couple of times, but I feel I can give a decent review on it.  It’s an acoustic duo, if you’d like to check them out  , be my guest because you won’t regret it. This is their first EP entitled ‘Step of the Ledge’ and has 4 really good songs on that have a lot to give. The four tracks are called ‘Traffic Lights’ , ’33 to 45′, ‘Open door’ and ‘Sighs’.

The guitar in it sounds a lot like Johnny Marr’s guitar in The Smiths even though it’s an acoustic guitar, it has a very jingly jangly sound to it, which I love, I really like that sound on a guitar because it really compliments the singers voice. Before I listened to them I thought they could have been songs that weren’t produced or mixed or anything, but they and really well. It’s done in such a way where the guitar if softly in the background and the singers voice is brought to the forefront so you can listen to the beautiful lyrics and voice.

In ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Open door’ you can hear a slight undertone of a piano underneath them, and that really compliments the song well because it doesn’t sound out of place it’s a love little touch to it.

The tracks that really stick out to me are ‘traffic lights’ and ‘sighs’ mainly because a love the little guitar parts in them. Normally in acoustic these aren’t introduced, but these do it and it suits so perfectly with the song. Especially in ‘Sighs’, it’s brilliant .

I get the feeling that the lyrics are very well thought about, they aren’t just stuck together it sounds like he’s really sat down and thought about them, and I like to know that artist is working hard, that they are putting a lot in to it. Each song is like a little story, if you concentrate and listen.


I think it’s a great little EP, one I shall be downloading because I still feel it’s got a lot to offer. Here’s how to listen to it and perhaps you’ll download it to if you have taste haha. Lets get this music out there…

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