The Courteeners – Something you can’t have | New Music

Left it a few days without posts, so gonna try and have to catch up with everything that’s been happening.

First off, Liam Fray showed us a new song entitled ‘Something you can’t have’, It was only acoustic so the song isn’t in all it’s glory yet, but I think it doesn’t sound too bad…

Since The Courteeners first album they’ve really toned down, or perhaps grown up, writing slower songs with more meaning and depth to them, I think this song follows that because it’s not bouncy or upbeat. Personally I think this song is under developed and I know Liam Fray could do way better than  this having listened to all of his other songs. You still have the clever lines in this which make you smile, but I don’t think that’s enough. However his voice is more beautiful than ever.

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