The Cribs – ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’ | Album Review


After 3 years away The Cribs are back, and better than ever


Like most of my posts on here about albums, it’s extremely overdue seen as it came out on 7th May and I still haven’t mentioned anything about it. When I first heard ‘chi-town’ and ‘come on and be a no one’, I think the feeling was mutual across all Cribs fans, that the songs were really good.

I think the songs sent a message out saying ‘yeah, these songs are good, so our album is going to be tantalizingly good’, and we were all there waiting to be tantalized. When the album came out I had shit loads of work going on with Uni so I didn’t find the time to listen to it, but I heard off a couple of people that it was a good album even with the absence of Johnny Marr. Finally I got round to listening to it, and finally I was excited by music again.

The Album

Before this album I felt there was a period of no good British guitar music, proper guitar music, with distortion, a bit of screaming, passion within the songs,  there was nothing really that came out and really grabbed my attention. You had Noel’s album which I loved, but it didn’t really have a guitar feel to it, the Arctic Monkeys were quite close but think it lacked that edge, along with Kasabian.

The album starts with a noise, a daunting yet brilliant noise. When I put the CD in my car (where I first listened to it) I just heard three loud symbols then that noise and I thought ‘this needs to be turned up a bit more’, and that feeling consistently went through the whole album, which a lot of albums fail to do because they have that odd song that just doesn’t cut it and there honestly isn’t  one on here.

Sometimes you can’t really hear what Ryan or Gary’s singing, but you forgive them for that because of that sound under their voices. I found myself not trying to listen to them singing but just listening to the guitar. The album has a mix of catchy riffs, catchy chorus’ and perfect solos(which we expected), as well as that you have this lovely little acoustic song on there called ‘I should’ve helped’, and it fits in the album perfectly because that has a bit of a rough and raw sound to it as well. It’s probably one of my favorite acoustic songs now, it’s that beautiful. There’s a part in the album as well where from tack 11 to 15,  the songs run on from each other, which worked nicely with the album again it just seemed to fit in perfectly.


This is one of my favorite albums now, it’s one that I will always mention to people, and one I will be telling my children about because it is that good. Is it there best album so far? I’m gonna go out on a limn and say I think it is, because all the songs are perfect from start to finish, I can’t pick a fault. Also I think I’m slightly biased towards that guitar sound, because it was distorted and it didn’t feel like it was pieced together, just sounded like it happened and it was beautiful.  Even if you’ve just heard one song of The Cribs and you liked it, BUY THIS ALBUM, YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

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