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This was another album that I got from Kerrang! Radio, because they’re ever so nice. I wasn’t gonna get this album when it came out because I don’t like buying music I’m unsure of, and I only had their one song ‘Saturday’to go off, which i quite liked but I wasn’t convinced by that one song. I saw the album at Kerrang! and I thought, why not it’s free, I can listen to it on the way back in the car, best place to listen to it.

The Album

BANG, the song ‘Gimme a Sign’ kicks the album off, pretty good start, liked the song, very catchy, however the lyrics sounded like he was trying to hard. Then the next one came one ‘bigger cages, longer chains’, again very good catchy, good riffs but the same again with the lyrics. The ‘Saturday’ came on (turned it off heard it too much to be honest. Then ‘1-2-3-4’ came on, and it was really similar to the last three and also by this time I was bored of it . Anyway, I waded through the whole songs and then listened to it again a couple of days later, just in case I was having a bad day, and it wasn’t I think it is just a poor album, considering they claimed they were going to solve rock’n’roll.

The album was filled with lyrical cringes such as ‘like a dancer’, rhyming train with rain in one song I think, that sort of stuff that make you feel ‘try harder!’. I can’t fault the sound because I love it, the sound of the guitars and everything was good, I just think the lyrics really let it down and I felt they should have tried to be more versatile.

Don’t get me wrong I think there is some good songs on there like ‘Gimme the sign’ and  ‘Saturday’ but it’s all the other songs on there that make it worse, should of cut it down to four songs and brought out an EP, would’ve got better credibility. One thing I particularly dislike about the album is that it feels like they’re trying to fight a cause, trying to stick it to the man, and I found that cringe worthy as well because I think it’s less creative and there’s more to sing about. It’s a good album to have on before the lads go out and they’re having a few beers, or if you’re looking to get ‘pumped up’, this is your album to. Oh yeah and it will make a good soundtrack for a London gangster film or a football factory type film.

Overall – 6.0

I think this could might well be the band to ‘save rock’n’roll’ but it’s definitely not with this album because there are too many flaws and the songs aren’t strong enough. The album just didn’t leave me wanting more, which an album should do.It should leave you something you wanna go back and listen to over and over again.

I don’t know if everyone felt the same way about this album, but I felt let down.

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  1. I was a fan of The Enemy’s previous efforts, especially their debut. I think they have a knack for writing catchy tunes. I haven’t heard any of this album yet, but I was wondering if you’d advise picking this record up…

    1. The album is quite catchy, if you keep listening to it, there is a few that will just stick in your head. But, it’s like that’s all you get with the album, the songs are very similar to each other I think, and I just think they didn’t put a lot into it, like some of the lyrics just seem a bit half arsed. But yeah, I think you should download it or something first to check it out, it’s not all bad but doesn’t get me that excited.

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