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Haven’t reviewed an album in a while, so I thought I’d do one that’s a bit out the blue, one I don’t think I would’ve listened to if I had to choose the album of my own back. I got the album free while I was doing work at experience at Kerrang! Radio,

Bloke:You did work experience at Kerrang?

Me:Yeah it was nothing

Bloke:Seriously was it good?

Me:Yeah, it was brilliant learnt some stuff and got some free CD’s.

Anyway, I’m glad I got the album from Kerrang! because I wouldn’t of got it myself, partly because I wouldn’t part with the money and partly because I’ve barely heard of this band and the lead singer looks a bit odd/ugly/strange….we’ll get on to that.

The Album

When I first had a quick listen, practically a minute of each song with my mate we agreed that his voice was too much, It was too winey and the lyrics were a bit cheesy at times, then we agreed that my girlfriend would like this album and this band because of the whole Luke Pritchard thing.

If I was naive, this where my research would stop, but luckily I wasn’t about this and I decided to listen to the whole album again. Obviously I was playing FIFA while I was listening to the album, and it was then where I had a change of heart for this album and for this band. Yes he’s winey and his voice is a bit weird, and the lyrics are cheesy a times, but they’re okay songs. Also I would like to add that they are very catchy, took me about a week to get one song out my head, it’s called ‘Delay,Delay’, you’ll know when you listen to it, if you listen, I suspect you won’t because we’re busy.

One of the elements I like about this band is that the guitar sounds very Johnny Marr-ish (don’t know who is? look him up he’s brilliant), if you catch my drift, and I like that basically because it sounds Johnny Marr-ish, with the jangly guitar. I also got a connotation of Morrissey when I heard him sing, not saying he’s anywhere near as good, just saying he sounds Morrissey-ish because he’s got a totally different voice to anyone I’ve heard of. So they’re Smiths fans I imagine, and I also think they’re Pulp fans because, every know and then he’ll say something at the end of his singing, like Jarvis does quite often e.g. ‘I’ll see what I can do’ in Pulp- Common People.

Lead Singer

The lead singer is Matthew Whitehouse, the lead singer, now have a look and I hope you’ll get what I mean when I say he’s weird and a bit strange. Just thought I’d put this her, simply just because.


A very catchy, bouncy and happy album which I’ll probably listen to more when the summer comes and it’s got more of a summer feel. I’m yet to learn all of the songs, but the more I listen to it the more catchy it becomes, the more I like it and the more I listen to it, a viscous circle.

If you’re a fan of Morrissey, The Smiths, Pulp, I suggest you should listen to this because it’s up you’re street and if you don’t like it, keep giving a chance.

Here’s the tune ‘Delay, Delay’, tell me it’s not catchy. Right off to the bank.

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