The First Gig I On – The Flapper – May 7th – Birmingham

This has been due a while, considering it happened on the 7th May but with Uni and all the other stuff going on in my life where I’m not busy I didn’t find time to do it.

After All the stress of getting the band, the venue, the back line, promoting it, I felt good after because I felt like I actually fucking did something that I was happy with lol. However I only made £25, which is quite good but I did spend about £85 altogether to get it sorted, so probably not a career path, especially if you do that because you just lose money BUT you have a good time, and I didn’t drink partly because I had no fucking money.

We had five acts on,lets go through em:

First on was Rys Joseph,and he was a good opening to the show. He plays acoustic, as you can see from the photo andhe plays anything from folk music to pop music there’s no real boundry that he won’t cross. He played really well, he’a quite funny as well because he got one of those funny whistles half way through and started playing that, which was strange but he pulled it off. Have a look at

We had a gut called Adam Macguire after Rhys, now he was more folk but fuck me could he play the guitar, you could tell that he’s been playing for ages. Every song he played he played really well, didn’t miss a beat at all. Oh yeah, and he’s voice it’s pretty good too. Check him out her:

Now, we didn’t even book this guy he fell into it all, and I’m really glad he fucking did because he was amazing. He came along with The State of Things, and like I’ve just written, thank god he did because we was blessed with his voice, which is immense. He’s only young and he put on a display like he’s been doing it for years, he’s singing was probably the best I’ve heard from anyone in a long time, everyone’s voice on on TV shows just sound the same, and he’s just stood out. Have a look if you don’t believe me

Next we had a band called The Company, who could make a brilliant sound. They’ve supported The Hossier’s on tour, and they’ve played round Europe which is pretty cool, and the fact they still played this gig makes me feel like they don’t think they’re too big or anything.  They played some really good songs, they had this song called disaster which I thought was really fucking good, they had this part on the end that just went on and on, like the end of ‘I am the Resurrection’ (except not that good. Here’s their page

Then we had the headliners, I’ve wrote about this before expressing my views on them and they’re fucking brilliant, a great bunch of lads, always up for a laugh, good music sense, and can play good music. Every song they played people were moving to it, which all the songs had the capability of doing. I was a but gutted before they went on because I thought they deserved more of a crowd, but that didn’t affect they’re playing, they weren’t phased by it, they were just happy to be playing. Which I think makes them that bit better because they have that attitude of ‘I don’t mind who we’re playing to, if we make an extra fan, it’s a fan we didn’t have’, which is the right attitude to have. As I’ve said before, they have so much more to offer, with their EP coming out soon, it’s only gonna get better for them,

I really enjoyed the night, here’s some photos. If you wanna see more photos visit:

























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