TRIBES – 9/5/2012

The photos were taken by my girlfriend, because she loves taking photos, always has a camera in her hand, I wish I could I’m just too fucking lazy.

Bit of a late post again, ah well my posts aren’t really in high demand if they are and you want to know what i’m doing you’re a stalker.


I’ve never seen them before, but I had watched them online and so I expected them to be good. I really like their first album, I’ve posted about it before, I think, I don’t fucking know, but yeah their first and only album is good. I didn’t have any concerns over their fast paced, catchy riff songs I knew they’d be fucking good, but I didn’t know how I’d take the more slower songs, for example, Himalaya and Nightdriving. So I was looking forward to how there crowds would react to those songs, and what my brain would make my body do.

The Gig

First thing I do at gigs, and I don’t think I’ve expressed this view through my blogs but I always look for the dickhead in the crowd. There’s a few things you could to be the dickhead in the crowd here’s a few:-

  • Wearing those glasses you don’t need to see
  • Dancing like an idiot
  • Having Bieber hair
  • swishing you’re hair constantly
  • Wearing stupid shirts, with silly pictures on
  • Wearing Toms

This list could go on for a while, if you want some more of these just let me know I would be more than happy to tell you some more, perhaps we could converse and discuss. I noticed a lot of these fucking people at the gig, so it wasn’t a good start, then SHARKS came on and they were really good. I’d never heard them before, but they were good the lead singer had a bit of an iconic look about him, looked a bit like Jin out of tekken.

When Tribes came on, it just lifted up the whole room, and because it was a small venue it added to the atmosphere. This was their last date of the tour, and I dunno if it was just me but they looked tired, however they put a good show on. For a band that only has one album, they were playing like  that they were on top of the world, and they should feel like that.

Johnny even came in to the crowd, and I touched a bit of his thumb I think so, we’re practically best friends now, we’re gonna hook up and everything. Also the crowd added to it, it wasn’t too aggressive which probably worked out better for me because I was tired and not very well. When the slow songs came on, it sort of took away from the night because there was a part where  they played about 5 slow ones in row and it took away from the atmosphere, but they played them really well seriously didn’t miss a beat.


It was good, had such a good time, definitely going to see them next time, if you’re into em’ you should definitely go.




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