The Libertines Film – 18/05/2012

Haven’t been on here, haven’t even looked at my account since I was last on and even though I haven’t been posting got some nice viewing stats, so thanks to people for reading my old stuff. QUITE A LOT TO CATCH UP ON, lets start with this.

I went to see this on the 27th April at the O2 academy, now I winder why the fuck I did that. Well the reasons simple, because I wanted to be one of the first people to see it, and I wasn’t because it got called off on the original date (20th March) because Roger Sargent was ill, so I sort of lost the point of going. But I still went because I thought it’d be cool watching it with all the Libs fans and the sub-culture appreciating what a brilliant piece of work Roger Sargent had done, how fucking wrong I was.

In the queue there were people discussing how they didn’t even like the Libs, just came because of a couple of songs they heard which was written by the Libs. Those people should’ve just fucked off, if you’re not interested, go away. Watching the film was quite pleasant until people kept talking, it’s hard enough to hear Carl without people talking, with people talking, you’re fighting a losing battle. Oh yeah, and the drinks were 4 fucking pounds, ridiculous.

The Film

Ahhhhh, the film :), i’m so glad it arrived at my house the day after I saw it so I could watch again properly. It really was enjoyable, seeing Pete an Carl together, the interviews, the rehearsals, it was a breath of fresh air for a Libs fan, finaally some new material to chop on. To be honest, the film isn’t for you if you don’t have a bond with the music, if you feel nothing for the band, I’m sure you won’t like this because you’ve gotta know the songs, the relationship between Pete and Carl and interested in what they have to say. I loved it, and I’ll be watching it for some time, pretty sure I’ll show my grankids.

If you haven’t seen it and your a Libs fan, do yourself a favor and feed yourself on this.

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