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Never to late in the day for a post, been doing work all day so haven’t really had a chance yet. Yesterday the manager of Dirty Little Lies (band from Walsall) told me that the lads have got two new songs down, so obviously I listened, and I’m really glad I did. I did a post on these lads a couple of weeks back, and I didn’t have a bad thing to say about them, and after listening to these two songs I still don’t have anything bad to say about them. These two songs aren’t as guitar heavy as their earlier stuff, because a their earlier material was quite fast paced and had heavy guitars in them. This isn’t a bad thing, i think this just shows how versatile they’re as a band, they’re album slow it down and be more mellow and still be brilliant.

Will I ever see you

This is the first one i listened to of their new ones, the acoustic part at the start of it is beautiful slowly drifts you  into the song.     It’s also got a nice little riff at the start as well which I quite like with the drums blend in well with it. I’m a big fan of hearing the a drum beat in a song, and this song does it really well. Writing lyrics can be quite difficult sometimes, because sometimes it seems like the lyricist is trying to hard, but it doesn’t sound like they’re trying to hard, the words just seem to flow together. The song just sounds complete, which I think is quite hard for bands to do, to create a song and make it flow together. There’s a part in the song where he just sings over the drum beat, which I think is pretty cool too

Flying High

This is probably my favorite out of the two of them simply because I really like the instrumental part in the middle of it with the solo again the Guitar and the drum really compliment each other well. Again the lyrics are spot on, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to hard and I actually make fuckin’ sense of these lyrics, because some songs these days I dunno what the fuck they’re singing about.


I think these two songs are just evidence of what this band are capable of, and I really think they can even do better than this, and I’m sure we will with get to hear it. If you like rock/indie music then you will like this because it just says rock/indie all over it. Check the band out they’re quality, here’s their soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/dirty-little-lies , you’re only gonna benefit from listening to it.

Off to watch trainspotting, sorry it’s a short a blog I’m knackered fuckin’ work up to my eyes, and no time at all to do it.





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  1. Hey, there!
    I was checking how many followers I had on my blog and I noticed I wasn’t following yours yet and I thought WTF? How come I was not following this awesome blog?
    This band’s got massive tunes! At first I thought it was your band, but then after reading your post I realised it wasn’t. Have you published any of your stuff yet? I’m pretty sure it sounds as great as this band’s.
    And a quick question, what made you want to follow my blog since it isn’t basically about music? Well, thanks anyway!! 😀

  2. Alright,
    Haha, please don’t make me blush, it’s not my sort of thing, I don’t think my blog is that amazing but thank you! Really appreciated.

    Yeah this band is good, one of the band round my area that haven’t really got enough recognition “/, you should check out The State Of Things, they’re a local band and are brilliant.

    Na, I haven’t got a band unfortunately :/, I got my own acoustic stuff, but that’s nothing to be proud about because it’s awful.

    Well I just thought your blog looked interesting because you write poetry, your from Brazil (that’s pretty cool), and you don’t just focus on one thing I suppose, different to a lot of peoples.

    Thanks for giving my blog a browse, really appreciate it. If there’s a piece of music you’d like me to review, put it forward to me please :).

    1. Ok, I think you are too modest, just like me :p cos although people like and praise what I write, I never think it’s good enough!
      Anyway, I’ll think of a piece of music for you… Perhaps you’d be interested in Brazilian bands? I bet you don’t know any! 🙂 Let me know!

      1. Haha, that’s the same as me because I always compare it to other people and I just think, mine is nowhere near that standard lol.

        Yes definitely! I would love to do that and unfortunately I don’t know any haha. But, please do that.

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