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Not a lot to this story, in fact this could be one of the shortest paragraphs ever because it’s that uneventful, went on facebook “oh cool, new Arctic Monkeys song, better give it a listen”, *I put the song on*, “That’s good!”. That’s how I discovered and reacted to hearing the song.

Can they get any better? I think so

How can they keep producing such great music? It seems like whatever they bring out just grabs immediately and says “come on were going into space”, it’s amazing. This song is going to be the B-Side to ‘R U Mine’, to bee honest I think they could bring these both out as singles, because I think it is that good. Some bands can’t even produce A-sides as good as this, mentioning no names.


The Song

This new sound that they’ve found just works so well for what they’re doing, and I think it really compliments Alex’s baritone voice because you have that sound and Alex’s voice just hovering over it, you sort of know what he’s saying but you can’t be 100% sure, which I think adds to the song. If this is what they’re new album is going to be like, I’m really fuckin’ excited for it because I don’t see a weak song being put on there. However, I don’t think the lyrics are as clever as Alex usually makes them, but who cares when you’ve got that going on in your ears? I think one of Turner’s best traits are creating a catchy riff, his track record speaks for itself (“Brianstorm”,”teddy picker”,”still take you home”), and It seems like he’s just got that good at it that, whatever riff he creates, he could do something with. It’s not like this song is complex or difficult, It’s just good, and I think that’s what music is all about, sounds good? then it’s good, don’t start think “oh it’s not complex enough for me to listen to”. Excuse the pun but, this song is like electricity.


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