TRIBES – BABY | Album Review

I was meant to review this album, quite a while back. When I first brought it was about a week after the release date and I sort of thought “that’s too late, the whole world has reviewed it now,I’mm way too late”. But, I think it’s got to that stage now that it doesn’t matter that it’s a bit late, no one will judge me, also it’s give me some more time to listen to it and reflect on it (probably shouldn’t do it while listening to pulp on youtube, the his n hers album thankyou to the person who suggested I should listen to it).

First Listen

When I first heard them, I wasn’t to struck by them really, I was late again the first time I saw them was on Soccer AM when they were promoting their tour and this album and ‘sappho’  was played on there and I thought “yeah that’s pretty catchy, not that good though”. After a few days, I remember the song was still stuck in my head, and when that happens you have to go back to it and listen to it, then it hit me.

Getting in to em’

After that, I was just trying to find everything that they’d done, I watched acoustic sessions, interviews and tried to listen to their whole back catalogue in about an hour, obviously that didn’t work also I found that the songs didn’t really sink in, never do really on the laptop so I brought the album too put in the car.

Like this photo because Johnny Lloyd (bloke in the middle) looks like a bit of a midget, like a little gnome/elf man.

In the car

This is where the songs really sunk in, because I left it in there for about week and it’s when you listen to an album over and over again you find the songs you love and the songs that don’t really do it for you. I found out that they were pretty good, just wish I could of got into em’ earlier because would of brought their first vinyl release ‘we were children’, which I can’t seem to find anywhere any more. The one I really took to in the car was himalaya because it went on for ages and had that dread sound to it which I really liked, and at some parts in the song I sort of felt I was on top of mountain singing it sometimes.



Right, lets rap this up got other important stuff to do. The album overall is good, wouldn’t say it’s perfect or really just good. This is because I found myself at times thinking “ahh, turn this one off”, and I’d skip it then I’d skip another song, fuck! Double skipping on an album not good really. I think when it starts getting sunny again I’ll start listening to it felt like it was a bit of a summer album with the sound of it and the riffs.  The good songs on the album are REALLY good, it’s just some of the songs on the album aren’t as good, bit flabby and I thin those songs drag it down a bit, the songs like ‘Half way home’, ‘nightdriving’,’walking in the street’.

Songs to hear



‘We were children’

‘Alone or with friends’


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