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Right, time to get back on the horse haven’t posted in a long time just  because I’m being a lazy fucker, also been on holiday which was pretty good.

I’ve already posted about this band and for some strange reason it didn’t save, so I’ve gotta do another one, also It’s more important this time because they’re playing a gig that My record label have organized 7th May at The Flapper in Birmingham if anybody is interested should be good got some good acts on.

The band is from Walsall (makes them that bit better) and have been together July 2010 if I can remember rightly and for only being together that long they’re coming out with some really good stuff. They’re a brilliant band with some strong songs, I’ve chose to look at this one because I really like the lyrics to it and as well as that it’s loud and in your face, which is like the rest of their songs you can tell the songs are capable of getting a crowd up. Although I haven’t been to one of their gigs because I didn’t have a clue about them, I’ve watched quite a few of their videos and the crowds always look lively.

I’m really excited to have them playing the gig we’re putting on, I’m sure it will build their fan base by putting on a strong performance. Instead of putting the one song up and just listening to that one I’ll put their reverbnation site up:

I strongly advise people to give this band a listen to because they have a lot to offer.

If you’re interested in seeing em’, here’s the dates:

Saturday April 21st, Saturday May 26 and Friday June 15th  – Walsall, White Lion St.Georges Day – 8.00pm

Saturday April 28th – Walsall, The One man and his dog – 8.00pm

Monday May 7th – Birmingham, The Flapper – 7.30


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