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The Modfather.


So as music is horribly going more digital, and forcing everyone to come with them, for example Mr.Weller. He’s decided to stream his whole album live, before he brings it out, which I suppose is nice because you get a chance to listen to it all before you buy it or download it, I’d suggest to do the latter. It’s also good that he’s done this because I could do my review on it before it actually comes out, and I’ll feel ahead of the game, which clearly I’m not. After Wake up the nation, I expected Paul to take another step in that direction, and he has and done it one better, because I think it’s better than wake up the nation.

Wake Up The Nation Artwork

Why is it better than Wake up the nation?

In ‘Wake up the nation’ there were a few songs that I weren’t keen on e.g. -‘Fast Car/Slow Traffic’, ‘In Amsterdam’. I always found myself skipping them, and because I did that a lot to the album I think that’s why I don’t play it as much, which is a bit unfair because it’s only because of a couple of songs but oh well. That is the reason why I believe Sonik Kicks beats it hands down.

The Songs

Every song I listened to sounded exciting and different to anything that I’ve really heard before, I’m sure in one track I listened to I think it was ‘Green’, my brain didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but that’s what made me listen to it again and again. Also in the song ‘The Attic’ you hear a hint of the song off south park ‘Shut your fucking face uncle fucker’, which made me laugh a bit, then I realised it wasn’t funny and stopped laughing. On the album you still have those interludes with songs on there called ‘Sleep of the Serene’ and ‘Twilight’, not a massive fan of interludes really, but these are quite soothing and nice to listen to, while you’re making a brew or something. I did a blog a week or so ago, I can’t remember unimportant things like that, on ‘That Dangerous Age’, and if I remember rightly I liked it (like I like everything I post about). ‘That Dangerous Age’ is probably one of the strongest songs on here, it’s the most catchiest on the album and I like the lyrics on it  as well. So Paul has sort have dropped that acoustic sound, not for good obviously but he clearly sees his music going in one way. However, there is an acoustic style song here which is called ‘By The Water’, now I don’t mean to be soppy but it’s beautiful, the lyrics, Paul singing, the strings in the back and the gentle sound of the guitar lying under it makes it just sound (shit I’m gonna say it again) beautiful.

Songs to give a listen

‘That dangerous age’, ‘Green’, ‘By the water’, ‘Around the lake’ and ‘Dragonfly’





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