Morrissey – Speedway | Classic Track


Choosing the song to review today really wasn’t easy, I decided it was going to be on one of Mozza’s songs, then I thought right, which fuckin’ one. Spent about half an hour going through songs thinking ‘Yeah, that’s good love that, do it on that’ then looking on the side and seeing more songs then I thought ‘shit, that one’. That’s how you waste half hour looking through songs, well not waste but just looking through songs.

I chose this one because I hadn’t listened to it for ages, and I forgot about it as well, so I thought I owe it to the song now, I’ve gotta do it now. It could have been, suedehead, Jack the Ripper, will never marry (because i think the first lyrics of that song are beautiful), Now my heart is full and any of Viva Hate, to be honest I could just go on and fucking on.

I don’t know why I have such a liking to this song, I just have. I love the lyrics, but that’s just obvious, saying you like Morrissey’s lyrics is like saying you like Mr.Kiplings cakes, course you fucking do. I suppose what really made me fall love in with this song is the fact that first time I heard it, I heard it live and it just blew me away! Actually I’m going to put that video up, rather than just the audio because I believe it’s a lot better version. compared to all his other songs, I think this has that more of a raw feel to it than a lot of his other ones.



I know this blog isn’t really about the song, it’s more about Mozza and how great he is. I think a lot of people underrate, when they hear The Smiths they think ‘god it’s depressing, slit your wrists’ AND IT’S NOT, then they hear Morrissey’s solo and think exactly the same. Morrissey is a brilliant artist, with some very strong views on politics and the queen (which doesn’t help build his fan base, but fuck em’), and with one of the most extravagant voices ever, there will never be a voice like his, I’m not saying it’s the best, but it’s so different and unique. Anyway check out the video, I’ve also put another one their, because every time I listen to it, I piss myself.

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