The Smiths – Sweet and Tender Hooligan | Classic Track

The Smiths, Morrisey chucking some flowers around, how beautiful

So far on my blog lark, I have even mentioned The Smiths (I don’t think), even if I have, I haven’t reviewed one of their songs. I thought I’d do this one because I think it’s under the radar and not a lot of people know about it, AND THEY FUCKING SHOULD. As soon as the song comes on that riff just hits you immediately, and Johnny Marr’s brilliance is just shown, even in that little part you know how good he is and how good this song is.

I think the song is hilarious, and a lot of The Smiths songs are, just little lyrics you hear and find yourself tittering to yourself, then everybody looks at you and ask what your laughing and then you explain your laughing at the line “Poor woman
Strangled in her very own bed as she read
But that’s OK
Because she was old and she would have died anyway”. Fucking brilliant.

There’s another couple of lines in there that are quite witty, but I don’t wanna say em’ because I want you to listen to the song. I think this probably one of the best vocal performances from the man Morrisey, along with a lot of other songs to obviously but I think this does really stand out as one of his best, and also lyrically I think it’s probably one of the best as well.

See! He started the Glasses craze! Not Tinie fucking Tempah



















Personally I think this is a very different tune to a lot of their other stuff, for instance the sound of the guitar, it’s completely different. It’s quite fast paced, which is quite different from their other songs and I think the drums are more prominent in this then a lot of their other stuff they done.

There’s two problems with this dong I think, one is that it doesn’t go on for long enough, think it should go for a bit longer. The next problem bit is the ‘Etcetera’ part of the end of it, and there’s two reasons for this:~

1. It’s a killer to sing, you’re trying to singing along, and you just can’t hack it (could just be me on that one)

2.It goes on for way to long, so your trying to sing it, and your running out of breath doing it.

Overall I think it’s a brilliant song, and a song that doesn’t get enough credit, it truly is a diamond in the shit.


















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