The Stone Roses – ‘She bangs the drums’ | Classic Track


The roses back in the day, when they were you and youthful

Looking at my blog I noticed  that they wasn’t a Stone Roses one (well there was but, it was about news), and I thought FUCK! Got to get one done right now else, I won’t have one until I do it, and that will affect no one, not even me, so I’m just doing it because I fancy it. Then it was just the case of picking the song, so I chose it by which one of their songs made me dance like the biggest dick, and this won by a country mile, because when I dance to this I look a right dick, and there’s not much I can do about it.

As soon as I hear the starting riff to this song, a pillow goes straight over my lap because I get that excited (even when I’ve put the song on, and I know it’s coming on).  This song is perfect for me, everything on their is perfect they couldn’t have made it any better. I think John Squire’s guitar on this song, and all the other songs on this album is magical. When I hear it I just go into a complete state of ore for that sound, I just wish a lot more things sounded like this, for example, a door opening, a kettle boiling or a microwave pinging, you get the jist of it.  In all of their songs the bass is prominent, you can always hear it, whereas in other songs I don’t really fucking notice it. In this song I think the use the bass really well, this is due to the fact that Mani is a brilliant fucking bass player. The drums are also really prominent in this song as well, (and I will write  the same statement again just with a different name), this is due to the fact that Reni was a fucking brilliant at playing drums, he could play drums as well as Hendrix played guitar, pure natural. I think John Squire’s skills on the guitar speak for itself, the noises he makes with it are just amazing, he could play a solo for a day and I don’t think Iwould get bored of watching the guy because I’d be that fucking amazed. NME had it down as the 8th most explosive choruses, I still don’t think that does it justice because I think it’s even better then that, perhaps a number 2 spot behind Oasis – Don’t look back in anger would have been a lot more reasonable.

I think the songs got a great sound and feel to it, just a really good fucking tune to dance like a dick too and what’s beautiful about it is that no-one can say anything because if they’re listening and dancing to it, chances are they’re dancing like a dick too. Anyway, if you haven’t listened to the song LISTEN TO IT! If you haven’t listened to the album, LISTEN TO IT! and if you don’t like it, you’re strange. The song is below, so put it on and dance like a dick.

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