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Was just doing the daily rounds, y’know just looking at the interesting websites that mean something to me, had a look at NME and long and behold there’s a brand new Arctic Monkey’s song out with a video entitled ‘R U Mine’. So because it was released this morning, and I looked at it and write a blog on music, I sort of thought it was fate, like I was meant to write a blog for this song.

thought I'd have this because he'd looked pretty mean

Really like the video, features Alex and Matt driving around the streets and they’re both fucking around just having a laugh, reminds me of a sort of rap video when they’re driving in a really nice fucking car. I quite like the song,as always since their album ‘Humbug’ it contains Alex’s strong baritone and as always some very nice lyrics. When I saw the title I thought that it could of perhaps been a love song with a nice melody, deep, meaningful, and quite slow, Instead they stuck with Helders drums being loud as anything, Alex’s guitar being much the same as it was on Suck it and See (which sounds amazing) and it being loud and fast paced. This works probably even better for me, wouldn’t be right for them to change their style at the moment. Right gotta get ready to go to Uni, god why did I stay in education? But I will leave on this,the riff is brilliant, but why did you expect from Mr.Turner?

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